Friday, 18 March 2011

Salisbury Hospital

Situated just to the south of Salisbury in beautiful rolling and dramatic Wiltshire countryside, the main building itself is relatively new, although a lot of the add-on bits seem to be older, so I guess it replaces an older building. The newish main building is cleverly designed, and being shaped rather like a waffle it means that although it has quite a large footprint, all the consulting rooms and wards have external windows and natural daylight. This layout also leaves lots of small courtyards, most of which have been "decorated" to add a bit of interest. On the whole, quite a user friendly and attractive building for something so starkly modern.


Vintage from the Village said...

Much nicer than Derriford in Plymouth which looks like a grey prison !
My Grandparents lived not far from there in East Dean
Sue x

Elaine said...

I like the mosaics and the little toadstools in the last photo.

As a complete aside ..... I hope everything is OK with the parents of your daughter in law if they live in Japan? All very worrying for anyone who knows someone in Japan at the moment.

joy said...

thanks for asking, elaine. junko's mum and sister live some miles to the south west of tokyo, and were not affected by the earthquake or the tsunami, fortunately, although yuko (junko's sister) is due to travel to UK for a holiday on 2nd april, so we are hoping that will still go ahead.

Chrissy said...

Very smart