Thursday, 17 March 2011

The road to Salisbury

. . . . . from Devizes, the A360, is a rather narrow and windy (in both senses of the word, is is both bendy and exposed to winds) road with very few opportunities to stop and admire the quite breathtaking scenery. We have taken this road on several occasions just recently and yesterday, as I wasn't driving, I viewed the scenery with my photographers eye.
Had I been able to stop, these are the scenes that would now be accompanying this blog.
1) A lone tractor ploughing a vast field followed by the usual gulls swooping and screaming and making the most of the available exposed food.
2) An unusually straight stretch of road lined on both sides by poplar trees, and very reminiscent of French countryside.
3) A field of some 200 free range pigs enjoying the mud.
4) A field of longhorn cattle.
5) A small field of llamas
6) Acres and acres of newly ploughed, chalky soiled fields, with a backdrop of dark, as yet still leafless trees.
7) A grassy hill with a single tree silouetted on top.
8) The magnificent spire of Salisbury Cathedral reaching skywards from the Avon/Wylie floodplain.
9) A Hercules aircraft flying very low and slow towards one of the military bases that cover Salisbury Plain.
In my next blog I'll show you the photos that I WAS able to take.

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