Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I mentioned some time ago that its was my eldest son's 40th birthday on New Years Eve, but due to the weather at the time, and various other matters since then, I didn't get to see him until last weekend, which is when I was able to give him the second part of his birthday present (the first part went by post and arrived in time for the actual day).
As he is a tree surgeon I wanted to get him something special handmade from wood, and I remembered that one of my virtual friends, Karen (of JKJ, click to view her jewellery shop) was selling wooden items made by her dad at his shop All Wood (click to view)

I also asked Karen for a few words about her dad, and this is what she said :
"He was a woodwork & technical drawing teacher until he had to take early retirement due to ill health in his late 40's. He then bought himself a lathe & had a workshop built at the back of the garage and started woodturning. He was quite well known in his local area and sold his work at craft fairs. He was (and still is) given wood from all manner of sources. If people find unusual wood then it always seems to end up with dad. In recent years he's not been fit enough to do craft fairs so I started selling his work online instead. He doesn't make much these days - just potters - and we don't take commissions any more as he gets too stressed about meeting a deadline."

So, if you would like something that little bit different, made from wood, you know where to look.


mad about bags said...

What a beautiful clock Joy.
i bet your son will be thrilled with his present.

Just K Jewellery said...

that's a lovely blog Joy - thank you xxx

Chrissy said...

This is beautiful. I have seen some of Karen's dads work and it is beautifully made. What a nice keepsake.

Elaine said...

That's a lovely clock. I love things made from wood, the grain can be so beautiful.

Love the jewellery over at Just K Jewellery as well. It's a bit of a memory lane moment for me ..... did anyone else have a Plasticraft set in the 1970s?