Thursday, 24 March 2011

First time this year

Etchilhampton Hill is just to the south east of Devizes and is a favourite spot of ours to go for a walk. We take the car to a nice little spot overlooking the Pewsey Vale and then climb to the top of the hill, where we can look to the east towards the Alton Barnes White Horse

and north west back towards Devizes town

half way up (or half way down, depending on your point of view) we passed a field of cattle

and when we got back to the car we sat in the sunshine, enjoyed the warmth and the peace and quiet.


Elaine said...

What fantastic blue skies.

Did you hear any skylarks? That looks like skylark country. Their song is fantastic.

Chrissy said...

Nice to get out and about and have a little bit of warmth

joy said...

it is great skylark country, but this time it was very quiet, you could hear the silence.

Ama Aqua cake toppers said...

Beautiful photos Joy you really are talented. You are giving me the inspiration to get out there and take a few photos of the hills :-)