Thursday, 19 January 2012

26 week challenge

Thanks, once again, to Karen for setting this challenge, the subject of which is weather. We tend to get a fair bit of weather at this time of the year. I am posting early as I am going away tomorrow and wont be back until Tuesday.

My first shot is of a misty morning, taken from my sitting room window on maximum zoom.

This shot is my favourite, we took a walk on a glorious, sunny (but not warm) day heading off to the hills.

This was my final shot, raindrops on the window this morning.


Busy Little Chicken said...

Where do I find this Joy? When I click on the blog, it shows last years, but I'm probably doing something wrong!!!

joy said...

If you click on the link to Karen's blog and scroll down, you should find the previous challenge (different lens), she doesn't publish the current one, just advises us by email, so if you were thinking of joining in, please make a comment on her blog, probably best to do it on her most recent posting.
Joy xx

karen said...

Yeah can comment on yours now as well:)

Once again thanks for taking part Joy.
#1 really like this one, personally I would have preferred it without the top of the pegola, is it? but accept it may not have been possible. Like the variation in density of the trees due to the mist and the water on the one on the left.
#2 what a lovely looking crisp fresh winter's day. Really get a feel of the weather in this one. Wouldn't change anything.
#3 like the idea of this, may have focused on the rain or fence abit more. Nice show of rain.

Another set of good photos, thank you. x

yvonne said...

Love all three of these, The first one because it is just what you saw out of the window and I guess the pegola is much loved.
The second is stunning just looks a lovely crisp day. The last one just sums up the weather we have had but like Karen I would have liked something to focus on

Louise said...

great photos Joy.

I like the first one, you have defiantly captured the morning mist.

The second photo is my favourite, great composition.

you done well to capture the rain drops in the last photo.