Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Scavenger Hunt

Thanks once again to Kathy for organising this Scavenger Hunt, you can click here to see other takes on this months subjects

1.Soft - Cassie

2. Two - tea caddies

3. Blur - through the front room window

4.In Season - wind damage

5. In my bathroom - also two - toothbrush/toothpaste mugs

6. Mess - Poulshot farm

7. Information - wine label

8. Company - Alex popped home for a pre-birthday meal

9. Warning - on Cherhill Down

10. Odd - false windows painted onto the outside of the building, on top of the originals, which were filled in when a window tax was introduced by William III in 1696. Many houses in Devizes are like this, it was a prosperity tax, as it was supposed that it was the more wealthy people who owned larger houses, thus more windows, and who could afford to pay more taxes. Perhaps I should mention this to George Osborne?

11. In the Distance - northwards from Cherhill Down

12. Entrance - to Brownstone House in New Park Street, Devizes


Elaine said...

My favourite is of Cassie ..... but you will have already guessed that :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Aw, how sweet is Cassie?!

Louise said...

Well done, an intersting mix of photos!

yvonne said...

fab pick love cassie

Patrice said...

Great shots - I love Cassie, too!

Petals and Vintage said...

Love your pics! xx

greenthumb said...

Great photos, love the one of the entrance.

Eileen said...

Hi Joy, another great set of photos. I love seeing your photos of Devizes and am looking forward to seeing your new home town through your camera. My favourite is the one of Cassie.

Paula said...

I'm in love with your tea cadies, they're so pretty, also really liked your In the distance photo.