Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Be afraid, be very afraid

Rog and I eat quite a lot of fish, and are always happy to try something new, so when we saw this in Morrisons, we bought it.

As it was completely new to us, having never heard of it before, Rog did a quick search on the web and found this (please read, unless you already know or have heard about basa)

Needless to say, it went straight into the bin. But, how come Youngs are allowed to market it in UK? Thats scary!


Joy said...

Crikey! Thats sobering isnt it. I had followed the fish debate a while ago but was unaware of this one. In this day and age and living in a country that is health and safety bonkers, its beggars belief that this is legal.

Unknown said...

Wow thanks for the heads up I am all for trying new things but I draw the line at this one.
Enjoy your day.
Beverley xx

Elaine said...

That's disgusting!

Thanks for the Heads Up on that one Joy. Will avoid!

However, I'm amazed they are allowed to sell it in this country! The thing that is really bad is that this affects poorer people who will probably look at the cheap price and buy it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warning Joy. One to avoid definitely.

A couple of years ago I bought a pack of frozen salmon fillets in our local Sainsbury's and discovered they were from China.

Also, I am quite concerned at the amount of dog food and treats which come from China - the dog of a friend of mine in the USA died after eating chicken jerky treats made in China and in the USA it is a serious issue due to the number of pet deaths.

Kandi said...

Our local fish shop sells Panga fillets, yuk, people must buy them god knows why! The only frozen fish I will feed my kids is 100% cod fillet.
Kandi x

Emma@christmascupboard said...

Wow, Thanks for the warning Joy! I'll be giving that a miss... and checking the labels on any fish I buy in future! xxx