Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week 38/365 261-267/365

I'm a bit sad that I'm actually here today, writing this blog. I had planned to travel to Surrey to visit family this weekend, but sadly my trip was postponed at the last minute as Ed, Junko and Marissa are all suffering from a tummy bug. I'm hopeful that I may be able to go next weekend instead, but at long last things seem to be happening on the house sale/purchase front, our buyers buyers solicitors now have all the paperwork they need to proceed so it looks as if we may be exchanging contracts fairly soon. If that happens this week then I'll need to stay home and help with finishing off the packing, and dont know when I'll be able to plan my next trip! Excited as I am at the prospect of finally knowing when we'll be moving, I'm also saddened that I wont know when I'll next see the Surrey contingent. Watch this space.

And so to the next 7 images of my 365
261 Having a rest

262 Frosty morning

263 Beef stock

264 Raindrops keep falling on my head/window pane

265 Knitting for Marissa (this will be a separate blog post when I have a bit more to show)

266 Nuts, a high protein snack

267 Glasses


Sarahmumof3 said...

Hope everyone gets better quick and you can make your trip next week, I LOVE al your photos they are amazing :) X

Tracy said...

Evening Joy your post is a mixed post today, sad that you had to miss your trip to Surrey, I hope everyone gets better soon, and happy that the house move is well on the move again! Hope everything gets sorted so that you can organise your trip to Surrey and time for packing and moving! Great photos too love the beef stock one and your's and Rogers feet!!!

Chrissy said...

Love all the nice warm cheery colours