Sunday, 29 January 2012

A trip down Memory Lane

Prompted by the fact that yesterday was Alex's 23rd birthday, and that after his visit earlier in the week, he was back in Bristol celebrating the day with friends, Rog and I decided to take a walk down Memory Lane. Back in 1993, long before the days of mobile phones with recorders, we hired a video camera to take a snapshot of our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Alex was 4 years old and already attending Nursery (or pre-school as its now called), Oli was 2 1/2 and I was 45.


Oli (almost hidden in the long grass)

Me (in front of our rather untidy looking pre-improvements house)

When he came home earlier in the week for his birthday tea and portrait (which you can see here), Alex brought back a book he had borrowed, and in which he found this, which had been used as a bookmark by an earlier reader - a ticket to my very first football match, and the day I became hooked. (Just look at the price of the ticket!)


Anonymous said...

Lovely post Joy.

I was travelling down that very same lane the other day.

(Having problem posting so this may be a duplicate)

(Dancing on a Blade of Grass)

Chrissy said...

Oh my how brill. Makes you wonder where all the time went tho doesn't it? I'm 60 this year and think Gosh how did I get to this age so quick!! Bit scary really.

joy said...

Sandie, yes I've read your posts, and Chrissy, my Mum always used to say that the older you got the quicker time passed by, that is more than scary.

Tracy said...

I do love looking at all the old videos and photos but it is surprising where the time has gone! I hope Alex had a great birthday