Monday, 16 January 2012

A chilly, hilly weekend

What a lovely weekend it was, bright and sunny, and such a change from the weather so far this year, which has been gloomy, grey and wet. So lovely, in fact that we just had to get out and about and enjoy it while it lasted, even though there was a chilly easterly breeze.

On Saturday we went to Echilhampton Hill, which I have blogged about often, its one of my favourite spots. We take the car to a parking spot about halfway up the hill, then go the rest of the way on foot, this is the view as we head towards the summit.

Looking down towards town, on full magnification, you can make out the castle turrets in the middle of the shot.

We stop at the very top, where there is a triangulation point, but the path goes on down the other side of the hill and eventually to Echilhampton Village. You may be able to spot the Alton Barnes White Horse in the distance. We head back to the car for a picnic lunch.

On Sunday we climbed Roundway Hill. This isn't far from home so we walked across the fields to Folly Lane and then started to climb, the Devizes White Horse in full view in front of us.

About two thirds of the way up the lane divides, on this occasion we took the left turn, to be more sheltered from the cold wind.

At the top we found a bench at the side of the wood, so we sat there for a while, ate our picnic lunch and just enjoyed the scenery. I loved the haphazard growth of this tree, crossing back on itself.

It's a quiet spot, but not completely isolated, here we watched some riders going back down the hill.

The sky overhead was a magnificent shade of blue.

Almost back to the bottom now, and it's starting to cloud over just a bit. On the horizon you can see Echilhampton Hill, where we were yesterday.

We now both feel so invigorated we are ready to face anything the week can throw at us. How was your weekend?


karen said...

Looks like you had a lovely walk and nice to see others out enjoying themselves.

yvonne said...

I think I enjoyed the walk as much as if I had been there. Stunning.
Love and Hugs

Busy Little Chicken said...

Lovely pictures Joy, and such and enjoyable walk!! Pic-nic lunch is a must have on these treks, I hope you had hot tea in a flask as well!!! :)