Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Out and about . . . .

. . . firstly in the garden, where I spotted this flower about to open,

and the dew drops on this leaf.

Then down to town, where the swans on the Crammer (the name of the large pond on the Green) had plenty of pickings,

I spotted these curtains in the Oxfam shop, and have put a "hold" on them - I'm going to need a few sets of curtains for the new house - to collect tomorrow.

And down in the Market Square I was amazed to see this, its actually carved in the brickwork above Lloyds Bank, I cant believe I haven't spotted it before.


Chrissy C said...

Marvellous piccys again Joy - what an eye you have. What is the flower about to open?

Louise said...

ooo I like these Photos Joy, the dew drops on the leaves are great but i do like the swan photo.