Monday, 2 January 2012

A walk along the towpath

Having been cooped up indoors for a while, we felt the need for a walk, and decided the canal towpath would be a good idea, being fairly level. We took the car down to Sells Green and parked up.

We walked as far as the new Marina, before turning round and heading back.

At this point the canal runs alongside the now disused railway line, which was "Beechinged" in 1964 but railway architecture is still in evidence. Here is a stream that goes under both the railway and then the canal.

I have absolutely no idea where this footpath leads to, the signpost is so old and covered in lichen, its impossible to read

Almost back to where we had parked.

We were incredibly lucky that the rain didn't start until we were actually back inside the car

The windows misted up as we ate our sandwiches

A nice bit of exercise for the start of a new year.


Eileen said...

I love the reflections in the first photo, Joy.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely photos always.
Carol x

Chrissy said...

I agree, lovely photos. I really like the way you take the unusual views as well. Love walking along canal paths.

Elaine said...

Love the photos Joy.

You can't beat a walk along a canal :)

Rachael said...

Interesting as always.
I too enjoy a stroll along a canal path; my Dad lives opposite the Basingstoke canal in Church Crookham and so I have walked that many times and when I lived in Congleton we had Macclesfield Canal opposite our house; another tow path I have walked.