Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cassie, at home

If you are not a cat fan, then you'd better look away now, 
as there is nothing more than pictures of Cassie in her new home!

Sitting on the door mat inside the conservatory 

Helping me to shorten the curtains 

Asleep on the garden chair 

At the top of the loft stairs 

On the armchair 

On the back door mat 

Behind the ladder on the decking 

She certainly seems to like it here


Eileen said...

She's definitely made herself at home!

Hi said...

Definitely seems settled

Elaine said...

As an avid cat lover, I can only say 'More, more, more, please' :)

She certainly has settled in well. Love the one of her 'helping' with the curtains :)