Thursday, 14 June 2012

Come on, Eileen

(Sorry, but I have this thing about trying to use song titles wherever I can in my blog titles!)

I have been following Eileen's (in my playroom) blog ever since she started, about a year ago. She had entered the Photographic Scavenger Hunt hosted by Kathy (Postcards from the PP) and it was obvious from one of her entries that she lived quite close to me. As the weeks went by it also became apparent that we are fairly contemporary - her twin sister has young grandchildren, as do I - and that we share a love of photography, although I have to say that hers is much longer standing than mine, as mine has only really developed into a passion over the past four years.

So, it seemed a good idea that sooner or later we should meet face-to-face, and this we did, yesterday.

We met up for lunch in a local pub (yes, Chrissy, another pub!!), and spent a very happy hour and a half chatting, eating and generally getting to know each other, I enjoyed it immensely. Eileen has already blogged about our meeting, and you can see a picture of us both here.

Eileen very kindly gave me a rose bush, which I shall repot and place on the decking, then take a photo to show.

Thank you so much Eileen, it was lovely to meet you, and I look forward to seeing you again during the summer (if we ever get one, that is).


Hi said...

Wow lovely picture of you both - so lifelike!! I guess now that you have moved you will obviously have to work through the list of pubs near you - for research purposes only I guess.

Eileen said...

They're singing my song ......
It is uncanny, how real to life that 'photo' is!
I really enjoyed yesterday, so thanks again.

Tracy said...

Sounds like you and Eileen had a lovely I'm popping over to Eileen's blog now to take a peek at this picture x