Friday, 1 June 2012

A package from Essex

A little while ago, the lovely Tracy, from Madaboutbags, was having a bit of a destash, and she put various items she wanted to sell on her facebook page. I chose some bag handles that I liked the look of, but asked her to hang on to them for a while, as I would probably like some fabric as well, and also at that time the house move was fairly imminent. Then she listed loads of fabric, and as I am going to make a quilt for Marissa once the unpacking is finished I picked out a few. I duly paid for the whole lot, and Tracy said that she would send it off to me as soon as she had finished a little something she wanted to send me as a gift for our new home. Well, yesterday the package arrived, and it was just like celebrating my birthday all over again!

When I opened it, here is what I found, not only lots of lovely fabric pieces and the bag handles I had chosen . . .

but also a string of pink bunting for Marissa,

and a couple of extra packages,

the smaller of which contained a card and another package.

Inside the small package was a fridge magnet (how did you know I collect these, Tracy :-)) and a delightful book which I am looking forward to reading . . .

. . . and inside the larger one was a cushion that she made - isn't it just lovely, and matches the colour scheme of our lounge perfectly.

Thank you so much for your generosity Tracy xx

Tracy is also a very talented photographer and has a lovely photography blog at Depth of Field


Janice said...

How fab....well done, Tracy.

Chrissy said...

How gorgeous and so generous was that - lucky lady