Friday, 22 June 2012

Two months in . . .

. . . and what have we done? Well, lots really. In no particular order, except as they pop into my head, this is what we have achieved since we moved here on 24th April.

1. We have curtains up at all the windows, and net curtains up at all the windows at the front of the house. Most of the curtains that we brought with us from Surrey, which were in store in Devizes because they were too short for any of the windows, have been used here, nets are newly purchased, and really need to be taken down and washed to get rid of the creases, but thats for another day.

2. Rog has installed an internal network behind a firewall, the BT cable has been redirected to his office, which is up and running, as is my studio (see previous blog post), we have an internet point in the guest room (currently Oli's room for the duration of the summer until he goes back to uni in September) and a spare in the snug.

3. Electronic, all singing, all dancing, tag-recognising catflap fitted to the back door, and ordinary everyday cat flap fitted between kitchen and utility room.

4. Washing machine and tumble-dryer installed - very urgently during the first few days.

5. Garage sort-of sorted, so that we can at least get to everything thats in there.

6. Almost all boxes unpacked.

7. Windows (all double glazed) have had the benefit of a service, some of them were slightly ill-fitting and a couple had broken handles, now they are all OK.

8. The sofa, which wouldn't fit through the door to the lounge and was temporarily shoved into the dining room, has been relocated into the snug, which is now very . . well . . . snug.

9. The conservatory has become an up-and-running greenhouse, where I am growing radishes, lettuce, spring onions and strawberries, I have a  couple of old grey redundant office desks as work benches, with pedestal drawer units under for storing seeds, tools etc. and an old plastic shelf unit for storing pots, pot-holders, flower vases, organic sprays etc.

10. Container veg growing outside - potatoes, standard and baby tomatoes, runner beans, dwarf beans, carrots.

11. New front door and side-glazing units chosen and ordered, new integrated dishwasher chosen and ordered.

12. Garden shed thoroughly cleaned out, swept, scrubbed and filled.

13. Next-door-neighbours thoroughly vetted and found to be a really nice, friendly, normal-type family.

14. First overnight guests entertained and despatched on their way to Cornwall.

15. Two hill walks completed, the first was Battlesbury Hill, pictures here the second was Cley Hill, which will most likely be my next blog.

16. Registered with new doctors surgery and dental surgery, returned to Bath hospital and cleared of the ear infection that bugged me all through the winter months.

17. Made a trip back to Surrey over the Jubilee weekend to catch up with two older sons, D.I.Ls and grandchildren.

18. Found one or two decent pubs within walking distance, and had a couple of mystery tours around the extended area, through some really lovely countryside in the Wylye Valley and Longleat Forest.

. . . and gosh I'm sure we've done lots more as well, but making this list has worn me out, so I'm off to prepare chicken stir fry for tea, if I remember I'll post up some photos tomorrow.


Elaine said...

Whew! You deserve that tea :)

However .... I think you can call that 'A Success' all round, especially number 13 :)

I am so pleased for you that everything has worked out so well. It really sounds like 'Home' now :)

Jo.C said...

That is a busy couple of months - glad you are settling in so well. But can't believe it has been a couple of months - where has it gone? :0)

Hi said...

Have awarded you the versatile blogger award. Please go to my blog and collect your award and to read the rules. Love all your pictures and little catch ups xx

Tracy said...

Wow you have had a couple of busy months I'm so glad that you and roger are settling in so well hope you enjoyed your tea!!!