Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The studio tour

Rog has finished wiring up the internal network system, so my computer has now been moved upstairs into the studio, and at long last, and for the very first time EVER I have all my stuff in the same place, and (almost) tidy. Come with me and I'll give you a guided tour.

Firstly here is my shelf unit which covers almost all of one wall

Just round the corner on the wall opposite the window we have my book shelves and the stationery cupboard, the book shelves hold my very special collection of old hardbacks, which is why there is a blue cover in front, to protect the books from sunlight and dust (I really would like to have a glass-fronted bookcase, but that will have to wait). You can also see the "green" painting, and above the red shelf my "sky" pictures.

This is my "old book"collection, childhood favourites, some very old family books, and some special purchases


Here is my work-bench in front of the window 


 My paperback book collection, along with my craft books and a few more hardback favourites




 Old diaries, folders, notebooks etc.


Old Phoenix card stock, boxes of photographs (from the pre-digital days) and general stuff


 Knitted and crocheted stock


Yarn stock


and last but not least my good old-fashioned desk with PC, monitor, speakers, keyboard and printer


 I hope you have enjoyed the tour.


Tracy said...

Your studio looks super Joy, plaese tell me though that it won't always be this tidy!!! I can't wait to see you makes now you are settled in....x

joy said...

Dont worry Tracy, my workbench is already cluttered with pink fabric, cut squares and uncut fabric, plus my earlier piece of patchwork hexes, and a couple of pairs of trousers that need altering, and there are odd bits of paperwork on my desk, so it wont be pristine for long!

karen said...

Wow that is an amazingly organised studio, love it. xx

Jane Carroll said...


I loved the tour. It is such a lovely room and I am certain that you will spend many creative hours in there.

Patricia said...

Thanks for sharing your new studio, it all looks very organised and where you can lose yourself in your crafting. Enjoy.
Patricia x

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

Lovely to see where you work! You look so organised:)

Would you be interested in linking it up to my craftspace link party?


Busy Little Chicken said...

Wow! What a tidy craft room you have!!! I remember starting to decorate mine in January (looked it up on my blog!!) and although I finished painting it, I still can't find anything!!! One day I hope I'll be organised!! And Joy, thanks for the '500th prize giveaway', I received it today, and it made me really happy!! The little vase now has some honeysuckle in it from the garden, and I'll reveal all soon (on my blog and FB) to everyone what I have been sent!!!.......Thank you :)

Hi said...

Wow - brilliant space. One day, when my daughter gets a bigger house and the bed can go to them I will have a room just for 'bits' instead of the top of a wardrobe and a small desk - but by then I will probably be too old and can't see to make use of it!!