Tuesday, 1 June 2010

32/365 Chelsea, dessert

Here is the third, and final, course of the feast which is The Chelsea Flower Show. See if you can find me, 4 times (the fourth is easy) answers below.

The last picture shows my very dear friend Kate, who gave me the ticket as a birthday present (thankyou soooo much, Kate xx) and me. I also appear in two spherical reflections, one water the other not, and you will see my feet in a mirror. Hope you have enjoyed this Chelsea feast, my next blog will be more images from the rest of my trip.


Magic Making Hands said...

lovely pictures! I really, really like the umbrella one .....

and I spotted you four times .... :-)

Jon Keith Diamonds said...

WOW - stunning photographs! Looks like you have fun!
I found you on the Collaboration blog - such a FAB idea! I hope you like my blog too!

RosyTint said...

I too love the brollies!
Interesting as always Joy.