Wednesday, 9 June 2010

40/365 Strawberries

Yesterday I spotted two almost ripe strawberries, so I thought just leave them for another 24 hours and then pick them. Wrong!! Went out to pick them this morning and they are gone. The moral of the story is keep your strawberries covered in netting.
There were another two I'm hoping will be ripe tomorrow, which I have picked and brought indoors so that Rog and I can have one each. Tomorrow when they are ripe I'll take a photo.
So, today, instead of ripe strawberries we have a picture of another paeony

an oilspill (not quite as disastrous as the one in the Gulf of Mexico)

and a reflection


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Joy I was just telling another blogger that I had lots of strawberries this week - my westie usually steals them AND he waits until they are ripe! This year I have beaten him at his own game - I have them in hanging baskets so he cannot reach! My scottie will be soon after the tomatoes!! xx

RosyTint said...

I nearly spat my wine out reading your comical quip about the oil spill. Love reading your funnies.
Beautiful rose BTW.

handmadeharry said...

Hi Joy, lovely pics!! Can I ask what camera you use, or am I being too nosey!!! Just wondered, as am interested in photography, but an SLS is soo expensive, would like to buy one that is easy to use/understand. By the way, I take it that it is digital, and not film?

jms said...

hi debi, yes its digital, its a 7 year-old samsung digimax V4, cost about £300 new, I dont think they make it now, but obviously its not an expensive one. I mostly just have it set on auto and/or macro, but since I've been doing the course I've learnt a few extra bits and pieces which I try to put into practice now and again. I'm sure if you ask around, say on the forums or what have you, there will be lots of recommendations for not too expensive cameras.

handmadeharry said...

Thanks for that Joy, when I save up enough, I'll enquire around!!!

Owl Loves Panda said...

I better keep an eye on my strawberries! Great pics Joy xx

Mrs Plans and Presents said...

Hi already following your blog and stopping by to say hello and thank you from the Women Wednesday blog hop!

ps.That peony is gorgeous