Thursday, 24 June 2010

53/365 New brickwork

We're nearing the end of the second week of building work, and it's all taking shape nicely. The floor is in position, the ceiling and partition wall are in place, we have lots of cables and powerpoint boxes hanging around, and the brickie has been in all this week - so now we have two doorways turned into window apertures, and one window turned into a doorway. It still looks like a building site, but hey, whoever had a nice new office/studio without a bit of a mess? The chaps doing the work are all very friendly and polite, and not a builders bum in sight. New windows and door due on site Monday, so another update next week.


Anonymous said...

You dont have Tommy Walsh there by any chance do you? IF so, invite me down for tea!! ;)


jms said...

Sorry, no . . . just dear old Dave Jones (sans locker), his son Darren, and Wayne the brickie (plus his dog, Bonnie, a gorgeous border collie)