Tuesday, 15 June 2010

46/365 Out and about in Devizes

The paeony is in my garden, the only decent background for it was the sky, so I took this lying down on the garden path, I'm not really sure what the builders would have thought if they saw me.

The swan was asleep by the side of the Crammer. As I stopped to take the photo lots of ducks came quacking towards me expecting food, and woke the swan up, sorry swan.

This pyramid was donated to the town, I forgot to write down the name of the donator, but it has three sides, showing three different aspects of the town, this side shows the Caen Hill locks.

This house is in the middle of Devizes, I think its a private house, as there are no signs to indicate otherwise. I love the architecture of it. There are so many interesting and unusual houses in town that none of them looks out of place.

Junko, my daughter-in-law, is having a scan later today, so by this evening I shall know if my new grandchild is to be a boy or a girl. Watch this space.


Nimlet said...

Peonies are my fave, it's lovely! And how exciting about a new baby. x

House of Istria said...

love the flower shot, beautiful. photography is looking lovely joy xx