Wednesday, 2 June 2010

33/365 Friday morning in London

Kate and I stayed at the Premier Inn at Kensington, I would recommend it to anyone needing to stay in that part of London. Unlike most of the Travelodge type resting places, this one had its own restaurant and did a reasonably priced meal deal, which included a starter and main course in the evening and an "all you can eat" breakfast the next morning. The food was good quality, the only quibble I would have is that my medium steak was on the rare side of medium, but apart from that the meals were fine.
We were to go our separate ways on Friday morning, me off to Essex to see my Mum and Kate back to Suffolk after having a mooch around the West End Shops. But before we parted we realized we were quite close to somewhere I have always wanted to visit, but despite having lived within 30 miles of Central London for 60 of my 62 years had never been. So we set off and made our way to Cromwell Road, walked past the Natural History Museum

continued into Brompton Road, and eventually we came to Harrods

We had to wait for a while for the store to open (at 10am) but, boy, was it worth it! Wow, what a store. I was gobsmacked!
It was only a couple of days until my Mum's birthday - the reason for my trip to Essex, and I wanted to buy her a little something that I could give to her in a Harrods bag, so I bought some lemon bon-bons in the sweetie department.
Wandering round the rest of the ground floor we came across something else which I bought, I cant mention it here or show a picture because it is for my as yet unborn grandchild, but believe me, it is lovely.
The visit to Harrods means I have crossed another thing off my list of 100 things I still want to do before I die, only 96 left!


Nimlet said...

Ooh Harrods! Looks like you had a great trip :-) xx

Mrs Plans and Presents said...

Thanks for joining the CC Blog Hop again.
We really appreciate your support.
I love London, u have inspired me to take a trip, and I love Premier Inn

Ali @

Anonymous said...

I have been to Harrods a couple of times, more than anything so i can say i've been there. It's OK but you need to take out a mortgage to buy anything. I remember seeing a small toy stocking for a cat, it must have been about 3 inches high and and about £15!

You know the 'official Harrods teddy bear'? My Aunt used to make them from home! Many years ago though

Owl Loves Panda said...

Hi Joy! yes that's me :) now following you back, lovely blog.
Hayley x

RosyTint said...

I have only visited Harrods once too many years ago, but you're right it's certainly something to have on the 'to do / to vist' list.