Thursday, 10 June 2010

41/365 Spot the difference

Although, to be fair to them, they have also done a lot of measuring, materials ordering, talking and tea and coffee drinking. All the materials required are to be delivered on Monday, so thats when we'll see them next.
In my excitement, I'm ashamed to admit that the strawberries were eaten before I remembered to snap them.
One of my assignments for next week is "composing images in the frame to alter their meaning" so here is one of my entries


RosyTint said...

Clever, re-photo of Hotel. Monday will be here before you know it, just hope the weather is kind to you and the builders.

handmadeharry said...

Ha Ha Ha, love the hotel pic, too many stupid comments (re: ear) come to mind!!! Good luck with the build, it's starting to look good!!