Monday, 7 June 2010

38/365 Moss

Still no sign of the builders, have we done something to upset them? Or is it just that we have picked good ones and they are in demand? When will we see them?
Watch this space.

In the mean time, the trapezium roof was covered in moss, so Rog climbed up, swept it all into a pile and handed it down to me a bucketfull at a time and I tipped it into the green bin. There was so much we filled the green bin, and an empty water butt as well! Now at least Rog can see that the roof is in good condition and wont need replacing yet awhile, phew.

Oh, and I should mention that my friend Nimlet, the foodie writer, whom I know some of you are following, has changed the URL for her blog, so to continue to follow her please click on her name. If you are not already a follower then please have a read. This lovely lady is the daughter of a professional writer and photographer (her mum) and her dad runs a hog-roast business so writing about food seems to be a natural thing for her to do. If you visit the highlighted link for the hog roast and then look through the gallery you will see both myself and one of my daughters-in-law at my 60th birthday party.

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RosyTint said...

Good news about the roof and I hope the builders turn up soon.....I can feel your excitement mounting. You'll need to be in work to make stock for Christmas PDQ.