Saturday, 12 June 2010

43/365 View from my desk

I've seen some really lovely blogs recently where people have taken me on a personal tour of their gardens, which I've really enjoyed - thankyou, you know who you are.
I'd love to do the same, but at the moment, what with having been here less than 2 years and currently having builders in to work on the outbuilding, the back garden is very much a "work in progress" with little to show apart from the small vegetable plot blogged about here, and odd single flowers which have featured earlier in this blog. However, as I sit at my desk, which is temporarily in the front room, I can see the front garden and beyond to the scots pines across the green.

Not much colour out there at the moment, as the border has mostly crocosmia and michaelmas daisies (not flowering yet) in front of a row of heavily pollarded lilacs (finished flowering), but it does provide a nice restful green screen between the house and the road. Enjoy for now and I'll try to remember to post this scene again in a month or so when the crocosmia are in bloom.


RosyTint said...

It's a very pleasant view and as you say 'restful'. Green is my favourite colour,(not that you need to know that)

handmadeharry said...

Lovely and restful, green is a very 'restful' colour!! Great to hide things behind!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely view - and it's nice to do a bit of virtual travelling isn't it.