Thursday, 3 June 2010

34/365 Theydon Bois

My Mum lives in Theydon Bois, its the penultimate station on the Central Line, and when I asked at Kensington station for a single ticket to Theydon Bois the girl had to look it up in her book, as she had never heard of it!
Jan (my sister) and I took Mum out for a birthday meal at the Sixteen String Jack, a lovely pub recently taken over by new people, super meal, very friendly and helpful lady (Carol), if you are ever near Theydon Bois (almost at the end of the Central Line) I suggest you pop in for a beer, a meal and a chat.
Now my Mum lives for her garden, and I'm not exagerating when I say that if you were able to pick it up and transport it to Chelsea it wouldn't look out of place amongst all the designer gardens, here is just a brief glimpse.

One of the main things Theydon Bois has going for it is its proximity to Epping Forest. Mum loves to walk in the forest but as she lives on her own she doesn't get much opportunity, so grabbing me by the hand she hauled me out of the armchair and took me for a stroll. I was born in a nursing home at the edge of this forest and spent many happy years of my childhood playing (and later courting) in amongst its ancient trees.

The deer used to roam free but now they live in a large sanctuary.

My stay in Essex was brief, little more than 24 hours, and soon it was time to make my way home to Wiltshire, courtesy of the London Underground and First Great Western out of Paddington.


RosyTint said...

Just lovely and words.

niftyknits said...

oh that red and yellow aquilegia is fabulous, thanks for telling me about it. if your mum has any spare seeds this year ... ;-)

and epping forest always reminds me of Genesis, but you're probably MUCH too young ;-)