Sunday, 2 January 2011

243/365 Todays listing

A shameless plug for todays listing in my Folksy shop.

Come back later today when I'll be plugging for some of my friends who also have Folksy shops.


carol said...

Joy i absolutely love that yarn! What was it like to work with?

Do you have a stash of items you will be listing? I'm sure i can't knit quick enough to post something everyday!

Good luck for sale in 2011!

Carol x

joy said...

thanks carol, I made this a while ago, I think the yarn was easy enough. I do have a stash of stuff to list, I've made things over the last couple of winters and listed them on MISI, I didn't sell anything, so have now closed down the MISI shop and listing on Folksy instead, as well as continuing to make new stuff.

Chrissy said...

This is gorgeous Joy - love the yarn and the colours