Saturday, 29 January 2011

My visit to WAAA HQ

Firstly I would like to say a very big "thank you" to everyone who has bought cards and knitwear from me over the last couple of months, which has enabled me to donate to this wonderful cause. I was invited by Caroline Corrigan, one of the fundraisers, to visit their office to hear all about the wonderful work done by the helicopter, and, joy of joys, to actually see the helicopter close to. It was, quite co-incidentally, Alex's birthday, so as he was home with us I asked him if he wanted to come along with me, and he jumped at the chance.
When we first arrived the helicopter was out on a mission, but having had a look at the photos in the reception area and then a look at the hangar, we could hear that the object of our interest was, in fact, coming in to land. We were only allowed to look at it through the hangar door windows while it landed, was checked over and refuelled, and then Caroline and one of the paramedical team (I think his name was Ross, but I met so many of the team that I'm afraid I couldn't remember all the names) took us outside for a close encounter. I was even invited to climb up into the rear compartment area where the stretcher and medical equipment was stowed, but it was rather a large step up, so I politely declined, and let Alex have the pleasure.
It was a really enjoyable opportunity for me to get close up and personal with the helicopter, the team of policemen and paramedics who man it, and the fund raising team, many thanks to you all.

Picture 1, Helicopter and pilot

Picture 2. Checking propeller and refuelling

Picture 3. Alex (birthday boy), Caroline, fundraiser, and one of the paramedics.

Picture 4. The pilot's seat

Picture 5. Screens for the navigator

Picture 6. The stretcher and medical equipment

Picture 7. Alex inside the rear compartment

Picture 8. The black box flight recorder (actually an orange box!)

Picture 9. The WAAA logo on the door

Picture 10. Alex and his Mum

In order to keep the helicopter in the air the fundraising team need to raise £1,369 PER DAY, so please help, or help me to help, in any way you can.
Donate directly to the WAAA by visiting the website here
Purchase any item from my Folksy shop or my Zibbet shop and 50% of the purchase price will be donated
Purchase any amount of cards, stationery, gift wrap, etc from my Phoenix website and 10% of purchase price will be donated.
Clicking on the highlighted words will take you directly to the websites. Thank you.


cm crafts said...

what a lovely day you had and for a good cause xxx

Shoogly Beads said...

Well done Joy....

Elaine said...

Well done Joy. What a fantastic day :)

Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

wow, what a great day! and you deserve it for helping such a worthy cause!

tazbride said...

Hope you raise loads more too xx Worthy cause x