Wednesday, 12 January 2011

255/365 Home made bread

I dont make bread when there are more than just the two of us at home, its not that sons 3 and 4 dont like my bread, just the opposite, they like it so much that if I make a loaf its gone before it has a chance to cool down. So while they are with us I could spend the whole of my time just making bread - instead of which I choose to buy bread and spend my time doing other things. Now Rog and I are on our own again its back to bread making. I have no objection to the all singing, all dancing bread making machines, the bread from them is lovely, but the downside is that all the loaves are exactly the same shape and size. I prefer to make mine a bit more hands on, OK I dont do the kneading by hand now, I use dough hooks on my food mixer, but I like to ring the changes now and again, so yesterday I made a granary blob (my name for this shape), here you can see it after kneading, then after rising, and finally after cooking. If you can imagine a picture of my smiling face that will be after tasting, yum.


handmadeharry said...

Joy, that looks scrummy!! Put the kettle on and have loads of butter and jam ready, I'm driving up there now!!!!(Only wish you wern't sooo far away Lol!!) :)

Elaine said...

Yum Yum

Fantastic with loads of butter :)

Shoogly Beads said...

That looks so good!! Mike's dad was a baker and he's inherited his dad's talents. Unfortunately he uses the oven more often for making polymer clay beads! I live in hope..enjoy.