Thursday, 6 January 2011

249/365 Another dose of self promotion

Sorry, but with all this dark gloomy weather, and not really being interested in going outside to do photography or anything much else for that matter, I'm just going to give a couple of my shops some more free advertising.
I've joined a listing club on Folksy, which is to list an item each day, well I haven't quite managed that, but its the 6th January and today I've listed my 5th item, so I'm not doing too badly. Todays listing is this pair of men's gloves which you can see in my shop.

Besides my Folksy shop I have a couple of other shops, I'll talk about the Zibbet shop another day, but for today I'm giving a plug to my Stationery with a Smile shop. It doesn't have a lot listed in it, but most of the items are from the fabulous Dots and Spots range of cards, posters, decorative tapes, etc. Please take a look at the Dots and Spots website to see their full range, most of which I have in stock, even though its not listed in my shop, and most of which is available from me postage free. Or, if you would prefer to have one of their latest catalogues, please email or leave a comment.
I've also joined an online weight loss support group on facebook, called Slinky Slimmers, its a private group but anyone can join by invitation. If you would like to join, please leave a comment.

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BerryandTwig said...

It's wonderful that you have so much going on! I recently opened an etsy shop and I am slightly overwhelmed. I currently am behind on my knitting projects (christmas killed me), so as of right now I only have a few vintage necklaces up. I'm hoping by the end of the month I will have 5 or 6 knitted projects to put on there!