Friday, 14 January 2011

257/365 A giggly hour with Jean

I dont have a great deal of oomph at the moment, I think its a touch of SAD, but I had a very enjoyable hour with my friend Jean, of Talking Beads and Craft Cupboard at lunch-time today in the Castle Hotel, which cheered me up immensely. We chatted about this and that, and had a bit of a giggle over a coffee (Jean) and a tea (me). Jean is learning to crochet, and is coming on really well, she puts me to shame, as no way am I going to learn beading!
Before we met I made a visit to the Post Office to despatch my latest sales, another two headband/earwarmers.

These are not for sale in any of my shops, as yet, but are available direct from me, they are (please pretend there is a pound sign here as my pc doesn't want to put one in)5.00 each, of which 2.50 goes directly to WAAA, you can choose any colour(s) for headband and flower. I am practising all sorts of new flowers, knitted and crocheted, so am offering no guarantee as to which flower I might fancy making at any one time.

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Jean said...

Joy that is so lovely, I too enjoyed my hour with you, the time always flies and we never run out of things to say!
Well done on the success of your headbands x