Friday, 7 January 2011

250/365 A bit deflated

Alex arrived here on 14th December, Oli arrived on 18th December, Alex left on 29th December and Oli has just left today, so we've had one or the other of them, or both, here for over three and a half weeks. Its always lovely when they arrive after not seeing them for a while, and then we just get used to having them around. I know they have to go again, they have their own lives to lead, their own things to get on with, and if they stayed much longer we'd probably get fed up with each other anyway, but its always sad to say that goodbye at the bus stop, and turn away so he doesn't see the tears welling.
So now its just Rog, me and the cat for a few months, roll on Easter!


Chrissy said...

I know exactly how you feel Joy. My daughter lives in Calgary, Canada. The last time I saw her was in August when she came home for a wedding, and the next time will be next October, for my other daughter's wedding. We could not afford to keep going over there as the fares are pretty expensive and accomodation is the same as London prices. They live in a one bedroom apartment so we have to find accomodation as well as the fares and a hire car.
I am always down and moody when she leaves and it takes me ages to pick myself back up and get back in the groove again. So you have my upmost sympathies.


The syders said...

Awwwww Joy...You bought a tear to my eye, Lovely post xxx

joy said...

Oh chrissy, poor you. My two older sons live in Surrey, Alex lives in Bristol and Oli is at uni in Bournemouth, so none of them is very far away, and can be reached at most in a couple of hours. I would be really, really sad if any of them lived that far away, I feel for you.
Thanks Emma

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

It must be difficult when children live far away but let me assure you that it is just as difficult when they live nearby - no peace for the wicked and I must really have been bad!!! Only kidding Joy! Hope you cheer up soon love Annie xx

Shoogly Beads said...

My 'baby' (He's 51) brother was home from North Vietnam this Christmas and I missed seeing him! A combination of illness and awful weather! Hopefully I'll see him at Easter.

Jean said...

At the moment I have daughter in Sydney and son in Dubai. (And, the first one to say that they are both great places for the holidays will get a poke in the eye!)

But, son will be based in Manchester from February. He is happy to be moving back and I am more than happy to have one of my chickens just a motorway journey away!
Not too long until Easter Joy, Roger can organise another Treasure Hunt for them. That was such a good idea x