Tuesday, 11 January 2011

254/365 New P.C.

My p.c. has been playing up for a while now, and I dont think its going to last much longer. I am extremely lucky to be married to an IT professional of some 40 years standing (when he was at Newcastle University in the late 60s the computer room was huge and contained one computer that filled the room!) so instead of having to pop out to PC world and spend several hundreds of pounds to buy something that may or may not be what I really need, I just tell Rog, and he buys a load of bits and builds me a new one. The first picture, I am told, is my motherboard and the second shows it after fitting my CPU! It still needs a fan and a few other things and then it needs to be loaded with the linux operating system (we only use microsoft when we absolutely have to, and have a dedicated machine for that!) but I'm told it wont be long now, just hope the one I am using can hold up for a few more days!

And just a little bit of self-promotion, here is todays listing in my Folksy shop


Chrissy said...

You're lucky, it must save you a fortune and all he needs is a kind word and a cup of tea

carol said...

Isn't it handy when you have a 'computer' person in the family. My cousin is a consultant by trade. He done all the computer graphic on the BT broadband advert, the one with all the lights in the sky. He has so many letters after his name and travels all over the world fixing computers and making programmes and he's only 23!

Elaine said...

Your husband is indeed a gem :)

What with telling me on my blog that he is tidy, you'd better keep an eye on him in case someone tries to steal him :)

Although I have always worked in IT, it has been more on the software side. This is the sort of thing my husband and/or son would get up to. Which reminds me of the various boxes of computer bits that I need to get them to sort out :P

That is also a lovely knitted top. You know, sometime or other, if you promise to teach me to knit, I'll teach you to do cross stitch, which I think I remember you saying somewhere you want to learn to do? :)

joy said...

he is indeed a lovely man (and one of the best software engineers in the business), but he's not like normal men, he's neat and tidy, likes to put his own clothes away because I dont do it properly, he never makes a fuss if he's ill, and hates it if I do, so yes, I am lucky to have him, but sometimes his tidiness drives me nuts, he likes to put my things into tidy piles, which means I cant find anything!
and elaine, if I ever find the time, I'll take you up on your offer, thanks.