Sunday, 16 January 2011

259/365 Coming along nicely

Rog spent some more time on my new P.C. yesterday. Look, I've got a new fan and lots of cabley bits, woo hoo. Today he is installing the software, but I might need a different graphics card, as the one that is fitted to the motherboard might not be up to the job (or so I am told, by he who knows) so, we progress.

And now for some more shameless self-promotion.
I have a shop on a site called Zibbet. Zibbet has been going for a couple of years, its based in Australia but has an international market. I've had my little shop for a few months, its a free shop, it has no extra bells and whistles, but listing is free. I guess if I sell something there will be a selling fee, but as I haven't sold anything yet I'm not really sure. The prices are listed in US dollars, which may be a bit off-putting for some UK buyers, I just work on a rough guide of a pound being worth one and a half dollars, so a ten dollar scarf is approximately just over six pounds (I am using words rather than figures because for some reason blogger has taken a dislike to my keyboard, and puts a hash instead of a pound sign).
It is possible to pay a monthly fee to get a silver service or an even higher fee for a gold service, but I'm not ready for that yet. In fact I'm not even sure if I'll keep the shop going when my listings run out (after 6 months, I think). So if you would like to take a look at my Zibbet shop please click here, and if you see anything you like then please get back to me, I may be able to reduce the prices a little to help move some stock.
I've also got a free shop on a site called Groovy Cart, where I sell stationery. I'll keep this shop as its about the only one I've found where you can sell stuff that isn't hand made or crafted. Most of the stationery I have for sale is from the fabulous "dots and spots" range, I have only listed some of it, but I have almost the entire range of cards and decorative tapes in stock. So please take a look at my Groovy Cart shop by clicking here, and then have a look at the "dots and spots" website by clicking here, and if you would like to buy anything from their range which isn't listed in my shop, please get back to me. Postage is free on all orders despatched to UK addresses.
You might also like to look at my Folksy shop and my Phoenix website.
Oh, and I almost forgot, I now have another blog to chart my learning journey for this year, and I would really love some more followers, you can find it here, thanks.


Rachael said...

You've been busy knitting Joy. All of your various shops are looking good.

Do you spend much time working in your lovely new 'studio'?

joy said...

Most of my craft work is done evenings in front of the TV, but I'm doing all my photography and Phoenix work out there. Sadly Rog has been extremely busy at work so we are still waiting for him to get the time to run the PC cables out there - so all PC work is still indoors too. But I just love the feeling of the space, its still very tidy and is so well insulated that its not been cold out there even when we had that long spell of minus temps.

Rachael said...

That sounds perfect.
My craft room is not that well insulated but warm enough with an oil filled electric radiator. I have to go back through the second half of what was the garage, into the utility room, then into the kitchen and then across the hall into the room with the computer. I can't get wi fi to connect in my craft room :(