Wednesday, 5 January 2011

247/365 This year, the garden . .

. . is to get a makeover.
This will be our third year in this house, the first year was spent just generally getting a few major (new dining room roof, new front door and porch door) and minor (new curtain rails, boiler maintainence etc.) jobs in hand plus Rog had a small health blip which slowed us down, the second year was spent preparing for, undertaking and then recovering from the renovation of an outbuilding into work space for both of us, and now this year - knowing that I wasn't in the mood for another three months of builders disruption to renovate our utility room and provide a new bathroom downstairs - we are going to make use of the resource which is the back garden. We'll replace the rather dilapidated fence down the right hand side, we'll mend the shed roof and then move the shed to the other side of the garden, we'll buy and install a greenhouse and two sleeper-built raised beds and prepare a good third of the rather wild, field-like grassy area to make a vegetable plot. We'll then set about flattening the rest of the grass to make a lawn surrounded by flower borders! Here are the before shots taken from and then towards the house, watch this space for updates as the work progresses.


Chrissy said...

Wow, you sound very industrious there. Will definitely keep an eye on this one to see how it progresses. We are going to do all the jobs in the house that have just stood still for the last umpteen years like replacing a couple of windows, one which has had a crack down it now for at least 5 years. I've made a list and hubby is now panicking that he has got to do some work!!

The syders said...

I live in the garden during the warmer mths and we did get a lot done last summer after living here a year but I have more plans for this year...I want a small summer house with veranda at the bottom of the garden. Roll on Spring...Cant wait to get out there again!
I look forward to following your progress xxx

Elaine said...

It's going to be so interesting seeing how you get on.

We've been in our house for 8 years and doing the garden is still on our list of things to do and make :)

Although we have tinkered, it still needs serious work, largely due to our horrendously heavy clay soil.

carol said...

Our garden is 234 x 50ft and there is so much we could do with it. It is on 3 levels, well 4 if you count the patio, and when at the far end of the garden you are level with the roof of my house. We also back onto the woods which have a blanket of bluebells. The problem is our garden is home to foxes, moles, voles, stoats, pheasents, and rabbits, none of them domestic! It is lovely seeing all these animals but they just ruin the garden. We keep it tidy but don't do much else with it.