Wednesday, 26 January 2011

268/365 A floral interlude

He bought me some flowers the other day, for no other reason than that he loves me. Thank you my dear, a beautiful gesture.


handmadeharry said...

Thats so sweet!! Lovely pics Joy! What camera do you use? Just asking, cos I'm still after an easy to use good one, (if you get what I mean!)as my Kodak has to go back to be repaired, and would like something with a bit 'more'!

joy said...

I bought this camera new last november, its a samsung EX1, and, as with all things new, it took a while to get used to after my old one, but I love it. I'm very much a point and shoot photographer and this one certainly fulfils my needs, but it has all the other bells and whistles as well. I bought from amazon, cost approx £320.00

handmadeharry said...

Thanks for that Joy, I'll look into it (scuse the pun!!) and start saving the pennies!! Its nice to have someones advice who has used it!