Sunday, 4 July 2010

63/365 Quakers Walk

We are very lucky to be able to walk from home almost into the middle of town and back again without seeing any traffic by using Quakers Walk.
This is the view when we are halfway home

and standing in the same spot this is the view if you look left

however, if you look right

uuurrrggghhh. A building site. 240 new homes, and all really crammed in so close together you wouldn't believe. Sadly when we moved here we had no idea that the building was going to take place, but if we had I dont think it would have made a difference, the house we bought is so just right for us, and the new building doesn't directly affect us, although it may just alter the lovely view from our bedroom window just a little bit. And, luckily, it wont affect Quakers Walk at all. The planning department had, in their wisdom, declared the walk should be hard surfaced and lit, but the good people of Devizes objected in their thousands (well, hundreds, anyway) and so the walk is to remain as it is, a tree-lined country footpath, unspoiled and unlit.

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Chrissy said...

Lovely Joy, at least you can look the other way when walking past the eye-sores and so glad they left that walk as it should be au-naturel