Sunday, 25 July 2010

84/365 Behind the Trapezium

We have a small area of land behind the Trapezium, part of which has become ours by default. You can see a row of old concrete fence posts where the boundary used to be and the new fence where the boundary seems to be now. This fence was put up by the developers and separates us from a parking area - I think they just couldn't be bothered to clear and landscape it, so they "gave" it to us. We dont mind though, as we intend to keep chickens out there.
This is how it looked at lunch time:

and this is how it looks now. Rog and Oli spent a couple of hours out there this afternoon, while I stayed indoors doing the ironing.

The extremely drunken looking elder tree will be the next thing to go.


Sharon said...

wow, that must have been exhausting! I only cleared a small corner of my garden today and I am exciting to get chickens....eggs for breakfast - lovely :)

RosyTint said...

What a bonus (having got that strip of land)
Good Work Lads!!