Tuesday, 20 July 2010

79/365 Like father, like son

Over the past twenty-odd years I have had many a PC rebuilt on the dining table - thats what Rog does in his spare time! During the daytime he works on them, evenings and weekends he rebuilds them. We currently have a total of six in the house, two for his use, two for my use, one for Oli and one spare.
Yesterday Alex came home with two more, and proceeded to cannibalize the parts from the smaller one and put them into the larger one. He had to come home to do it because a) he has no dining table, and b) he needed to borrow Dad's tools.

Prepare to be impressed - as Alex intended to stay overnight, the carrier bag also contains clean underwear, socks and toothbrush!


Anonymous said...

This looks like me at work!! I have 3 computers there, and have made one mean machine except the fan is too big to fit in the case so the fan is on the outside !!!

Cant resist a good fiddle with a pc (although I have a imac now at home and 4 pc's)

Nice to see Alex taking up the family trade!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Well (hopefully) it keeps them out of mischief!!