Friday, 9 July 2010

68/365 Poole and Sandbanks

Oli (affectionately referred to as my baby - even though he is nearly 20!) has just completed his first year at Bournemouth University, where he has been studying Music Technology. He popped back home last week to spend a few days with us, then returned to his digs in Poole on Wednesday to pack up all his bits and pieces and clean up his room before finally leaving.
Rog and I drove down this morning to collect him and all his stuff. While within spitting distance of the sea, we decided we couldn't leave without actually just going to the beach and doing the seaside bit, so we did. We went to Sandbanks, AKA millionaire's row. I last visited Sandbanks when I was 10 years old, and remember it as being a scrubby bit of beach with lovely sand - which it still is, but now it is also full of huge expensive houses. The sand was really soft to the touch and the water was warm. Rog, who hails from Plymouth and spent childhood holidays in Cornwall, said it wasn't really the sea, as it didn't smell of seaweed and there weren't any real waves. But it was a welcome change just to smell the clear sea air and pop the toes in the water.
Perhaps we'll do it again when we take Oli back to Bournemouth in September for his second year.

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Chrissy said...

I love Bournemouth and all round that area - glad you had a good day