Tuesday, 13 July 2010

72/365 Building update and other stuff in the garden

I really love crocosmia, they are my favourite flower. I couldn't grow them in Surrey, I dont know why, but I bought loads and they flowered the first year and then just threw up lots of green leaves and no flowers in subsequent years. They must really like the soil conditions down here because they are growing like weeds. This is the first one out this season, I have plenty at the front about to burst into riotous colour but this little one is in a pot at the back just to add a bit of brightness to the rather sparse area which will eventually be the back garden

The runner bean plants are doing well, and really look a great deal more comfortable today after some welcome overnight rain.

And. . . ta dah . . . here it is, the inside of my studio, just waiting now for finish decoration (sometime next week) and then the electrician to finalize the lighting and power points.

The carpet man came this afternoon to measure up and give us a quote. We are having heavy duty carpet tiles all through, the colour we have chosen is called "amber".

This delightful little thing is a jasmine, it smells delicious. It's in a pot and I'm going to put it outside the trapezium so it can grow up and be attached to a trellis between my larger window and the entrance door (when all the builders and their bits and pieces have gone away)

And here it is as viewed from the outside. We are thrilled to bits to be so nearly there.


Anonymous said...

Glad it is near completion, Joy. Not sure I wanted to hear about the builders "bits" though!! LOL


Mary Elliott Jewellery said...

Looking good Joy! I love the smell of Jasmine-have just purchased some more essential oil for my oil burner. xx

jms said...

yes, Mary, I love jasmine too.
anon, you are just jealous, lol xx

niftyknits said...

oh joy - a real studio! you lucky thing!

jms said...

its only taken 62+ years, but it will be magnificent, so well worth the wait

RosyTint said...

Your studio is looking fabulous already. It's going to be a lovely space to work in by the look of it.