Friday, 23 July 2010

82/365 Stationery with a Smile :)

A couple of weeks ago I went into the main stationery store in Devizes (at this point I wont name and shame, those who live locally will know who I mean). I was only spending a measly £4.50, so I didn't expect a red carpet and trumpets, or anything like that, but I was served by the shop owner, and he treated me as if I wasn't actually there. He didn't look in my direction, he didn't smile, he didn't acknowledge my presence apart from ask me for my money - well no, in fact he didn't even really ask me, he just said the amount that was due. I paid up and walked out, feeling to myself that was no way to treat a customer, he could have at least tried to smile, or make eye contact, or something, so I vowed I wouldn't use his shop ever again.
The more I thought about it the more I realised that, as I just love stationery in all shapes and sizes, and as I already sell Phoenix and Dots and Spots greetings cards directly to my family, friends and neighbours, the next logical step for me would be to sell other stationery items as well. With Trap B (my studio) nearing completion I should soon have plenty of spare storage capacity, and so I have just taken my first small steps towards become a fully blown stationery supplier. These are the items that I have available as of now.
They are: small bags of multicoloured paper clips, small post-it notes (from recycled paper), top-opening clear A4 polypockets, and refillable biro-type pens made from recycled plastic bottles. I'll be listing these in my new Facebook shop over the weekend, and I hope to have illustrated price lists available next week. I'll be adding newly sourced (as green as possible) items probably on a monthly basis.

So now you know where you can get reasonably priced, ethically sourced and, wherever possible, recycled stationery.


Stella said...

I don't think I've ever seen him smile. In fact, I think that all the staff in there are a bit like zombies.

jms said...

thanks stella, I'm always a bit worried in case someone I know locally is related to him, but so far everyone who has said anything has said the same as you!

RosyTint said...

I don't know the shop you are referring too but I do recognise the way you were 'served'. Sadly that is the way too many people in retail treat their customers these days. I always notice and get ticked off by it.
Good Luck in your new venture Joy and BTW I LOVE the name of your studio. Excellent!!

Anonymous said...

That sort of thing really brasses me off. I have never worked in a shop but I am sure if I applied for a job they would refuse me as I have no experience and yet when I see some people behind the counter I wonder how they got the job. Most assistants are good but it is the odd few that make it bad for the rest.
Good luck with the stationery.