Monday, 12 July 2010

71/365 Jewels of Isis

This morning I popped down to see my friend Marianne, who is a jewellery maker, in The Shambles Market in Devizes, where there was a craft market. This craft market is a fairly new venture and not, as yet, very well publicised, I only found out about it because Marianne posted it on Facebook! Hopefully it will catch on, and with a bit more in the way of publicity the good people of Devizes will flock there in their dozens.
I had my camera with me, but I'm afraid I had to leave rather hurriedly as I suddenly remembered I had left some fresh meat in the car, so I forgot to take any photos. Her stand looked lovely, she had three separate tables, on one was some reasonably priced fun jewellery, on another were some of her "antiquities" some really nice pieces made with very old stones, some of which, she told me, were of roman origin, and on the third table were some really lovely relatively high priced pieces made from precious and semi precious stones.

Below are some pictures that she sent me illustrating some of her work. To see her range please visit her website by clicking Jewels of Isis


Stella said...

You're right, it's not been advertised at all, otherwise I would have been up there like a shot. I work mornings , but may be able to catch the tail end of it.

jms said...

hi stella, are you in devizes then, or close by?
joy xx

Stella said...

Hi Joy
Yes I live and work in Devizes. It's great to find a local blog and to see your beautiful photographs.

jms said...

oh thanks, stella.
email me on
I'll try to find out from marianne how often the craft market is likely to be held.
I'm in roundway park, you anywhere near?

Mary Elliott Jewellery said...

I think it will be to far for me but will help promote it my end :) xx