Thursday, 12 August 2010

102/365 the C word

Its early August, but already I have seen the "C" word mentioned in several blogs, it seems that crafty people all over the country are already preparing their wares for the "C" market, which we all hope will be a little more bouyant than last year.
So I dont feel quite so guilty blogging about my activities for today. Yesterday I had a couple of large parcels delivered from Phoenix, one with all my stock and the other with the "C" supplements. Today I am stamping all the supplements with my details on the back page, and then I shall be putting sticky price labels on all the stock so I dont have to rely on my memory.

The supplements will be sent off to all on my mailing list at or around 1st September, so I hope you are looking forward to seeing yours, with all the lovely new products for this year's Festive Season.

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