Wednesday, 18 August 2010

108/365 Fig jam

Yesterday there were no ripe figs on the tree, today there were loads. I picked all the ones I could reach, and then wondered what to do with them. I'm the only one who likes to eat them, so putting a couple to one side (they dont last very long apparently, only 3-4 days after picking) I browsed the web for a recipes and found a simple one for fig jam, nipped out to buy a lemon, and set to.
Here are the ingredients

Here they all are chopped and mixed in a bowl and left for 2 hours.

Transfered to a saucepan, and slowly brought up to the boil.

Boiling slowly for an hour.

Then I have to leave the whole thing to cool down overnight, reboil for 15 minutes tomorrow and pot up. I should have 3 nice pots to take up to Surrey with me at the weekend to give to the girls.

And how about this shot taken through the bedroom window at about 6.00 this morning, doesn't the lighting look strange?


cm crafts said...

its looks a lovely jam i have not tried any as i am not keen on fresh figs i love the biscuits
hope it all goes well
my mom makes strawberry jam and thats really nice a quick to make

Nim Headland said...

Ooh that looks wonderful. I've never had fig jam but am inspired to try it. My Mum's fig tree is a baby so no figs for us this year, if I can buy some cheaply I might have a go!
I've 5 days off now so have time for cooking and blogging again, I'm planning to make my namesake jam, it must be a jam week!

joy said...

your mum's baby fig tree is son of my fig tree, cut and propogated by my own fair hands! not sure how long it will be before you get fruit on it. so far this jam tastes fab.

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Ohh i love figs! We ( family Moody) went to Greece this year and ate wonderful fresh ones with that lovely thick creamy yogurt for breakfast. The jam is going to taste delicious i'm sure (-:

Joy said...

My fig tree has produced fruit this year for the first time, if they ripen I shall do the same. Yum. Hav you got a link to the recipe?

joy said...
that should take you there. enjoy xx