Sunday, 8 August 2010

98/365 New

I've just treated myself to a couple of new books from Amazon, so you may be able to guess what I'll be doing as the seasons change and we are forced to spend more time indoors..

Today I picked the first ripe fig from our tree, the figs are a bit late this year, due in most part to the dry season.

And here is the first listing in my new Groovy Cart shop.


Tracy said...

oo joy i love the 100 flowers to crochet book its on my christmas list but i had to get it out of the library as i couldn't wait!!! i really want to have a go at the lavender!!!
i shall pop off now and have a peek at your groovycart shop!! byeee....

Rachael said...

I have the book on knitted and crocheted flowers Joy, it's excellent! I have knitted the Poppy and the Lady Bird so far but not a lot else due to lack of time!

cm crafts said...

i have the 100 flower book is so lovely i cant do many of them but i love looking at them
have fun xx