Wednesday, 4 August 2010

94/365 Pauline's Candles

I find it hard to believe thats its still only about 10 months since I discovered the wonderful world that is handmade crafts. It is huge, there are thousands and thousands of lovely people all over the planet who are beavering away at their crafts, be it dressmaking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, bead and jewellery making, handmade cards, candle making, soap making and many, many more.
Since I discovered MISI (make it sell it), an online shop for crafters in the UK to sell their goods I have used it time and again to buy birthday and Christmas gifts for my friends and family, and, I might add, for myself too!
My friend Kate, who so generously gave me my Chelsea Flower Show ticket for my birthday, recently had a birthday of her own and one of the gifts I gave her was from Pauline's Candles. Pauline makes the most beautiful scented candles from soy wax, you can see them in her shops by clicking here and here. So if you are a candle fan, or need to buy someone a thoughtful and pleasantly scented gift, please pay Pauline's shops a visit.


Chrissy said...

I've seen Pauline's candles on MISi when I was a member on there and she has lovely work. So glad you support the 'artisans' on there.

Just K Jewellery said...

what a lovely blog Joy. I've got one of Pauline's candles too & the scent is to die for - fills the whole room

Elizabeths Attic said...

Thank you for the comment you must have posh dust sheets thats all I can say... The fabric came from a batch given to me from my church when they were changing table cloths at the luncheon club. Glad I now know the name of the fabric.
Love the candles and will have a browse over on MISI.

Sharon said...

they do look beautiful candles, mybe when I have some money...LOL