Monday, 30 August 2010

117/365 Devizes Street Festival

A lovely bright and sunny day, the day of the Devizes Town Street Festival

The main Market Square and Brittox were very crowded, it was impossible to see anything short of barging past loads of people, but I found this guy, a story teller, in a backstreet.

Then I saw this lady standing by the Market Cross inflating balloons.

Plenty of food and drink stalls, this one particularly caught my eye.

Having decided that we really didn't much like the crowds, we wended our way homewards, past cornfields

and scots pines.


Unknown said...

it does look like a beautiful place to live! I can see why you like it :)

Jean said...

The festival sounds fabulous, we would normally have gone along but spent day with parents-in-law. FIL, hunting through the sideboard etc looking for the list of hymns for his wifes funeral....then MIL in hospital! She looked far from ready for her funeral...
See you Thursday!