Tuesday, 3 August 2010

93/365 What a day . . . .

. . . and its nowhere near over yet. So much "stuff" has happened today while I have just sat around folding paper and playing silly games.
I'm feeling a bit listless today so I haven't really got my head around actually doing anything real but . .
Firstly, David, the builder, has finished his work on the trapezium! He's been coming here (almost) every working day since mid-June, and now he wont be coming back until we start phase 2, sometime in the Autumn. I shall miss tripping down the garden once an hour with a tea tray and biscuits for a bit of Wiltshire gossip. Mind you its not the end of the entire project - Gavin, the Peter Crouch-alike electrician (so tall he could fix the ceiling lights without a stepladder!) is currently on holiday, so will be round to finish off the electrics as soon as he is back, and next week we have the carpet fitters coming - then, after all that, Rog has to run the ethernet and telephone cables out, so it will be a while before we can actually work out there, but at least once the carpet is down I can start to move all my (so-called by Rog) junk into my Studio.

Secondly, well, I'm afraid I cant really say much about secondly just yet, because its to do with Rog's work situation, but I can say that changes for the better, which he has been angling after for a while, look like becoming a reality in the fairly near future, so, fingers crossed all round.

And thirdly, again I cant really say much about thirdly either, but it concerns my Phoenix business, and if it comes to pass could possibly almost double my customer base in one fell swoop, so I am quite excited about that prospect.

Its now 2.30 in the afternoon, and I'm just wondering what else is likely to happen today!


Just K Jewellery said...

nothing like keeping us in suspense! sounds like good things are happening...dojecu

jms said...

yes, sorry I cant say any more just yet, dont want to pre-empt things that still have the capacity to go pear-shaped, but its looking good.
dojecu??? sorry to be dense,
joy xx

Chrissy said...

Is your new abode for your phoenix business then Joy, somewhere to put all your stock?

jms said...

its quite a large area, and will house all my cards and phoenix stock, my other stationery, my knitting bits and pieces and wool stock, my lovely collection of old books, my sewing machine and fabric, my pc and hopefully an armchair as well!

Chrissy said...

OOh, lucky you, your very own space.