Friday, 20 August 2010

110/365 Five positives

Several years ago I read somewhere that you should always try to find, and write down, five positive things that happen each day. It helps you to focus on all the good things around you instead of the one or two negatives that might be niggling away in the background. Ever since then I have been doing it, and have got through several notebooks in the process. So now if I need cheering up or am feeling a bit negative I can pick up any one of these notebooks and read all sorts of positive things.
I decided to share my five positives for just one day, so here they are.

1) I have moved all my Phoenix stock and paperwork into the new studio, which means that I have it all together in one place, for the first time EVER! and both the guest room and the little bedroom, as well as the dining room, are free of Phoenix clutter.

2) I absolutely love living in Devizes, coming here two years ago was the best move we could have made.

3) This spring I planted some gladioli bulbs in the front border, and the first one is just about to open.

4) The first couple of tomatoes are ripening, and should be ready to pick in a day or two.

5) Rog and I popped out together at lunch time today, we went to Wetherspoons where we had a couple of beers, then wandered back through the shops, did a bit of shopping and bought some cheap pasties for lunch. We are very lucky that Rog is a registered home-worker, so we get to spend more time together than lots of other couples, but as we've had builders on site for the last couple of months we haven't been able to get out together at lunchtime very often, so today was a real treat.


Unknown said...

That's a really good idea, I might try it as it is way too easy to always focus on the negative!

Mary Elliott said...

Looking good Joy :) I'm going to to the 5 postives a day, it's a great idea! xx

Unknown said...

I have also been doing the five blessings thingy for a while and it does put life into perspective. But have you ever had a day when you just cannot think of five things to be grateful for? and you sit and rack your brain but nothing comes or is that just me. Good luck with the studio.

joy said...

Often the only things I can think of are the meals I've had to eat, or the weather (whatever it is), and that I live in such a lovely place. But I have a lovely family, and they often come to the rescue, one or other often has some good news - we are currently waiting to hear from no 3 son about a job he is hoping to land. And on the day I heard my daughter-in-law is expecting a girl, well that was 5 good things all on its own!